The Green Party seeks to be the electoral arm of the broad movement for Peace, Sustainability, Social Justice, & Grassroots Democracy in our country today. These progressive stances do not emanate from liberal or conservative ideologies but from a pragmatic desire to build a better future.



– Power derives from the people, not corporate sponsors
– Violence in the home or in war is not an ethical or lasting solution
– Social justice and equal opportunity are essential to our way of life
– Economic sustainability begins by rebuilding local & rural economies
– Ecological sustainability is imperative & possible within our lifetimes



– Approval Voting & Proportional Representation
– Accountability & Transparency in Government
– Secure, Voter-Verifiable Elections with Paper Ballots
– Getting Corporations Out of Elections
– Ending Wars & Funding Needs at Home
– Fair Trade & A Living Wage
– Universal Single-Payer Health Care
– Ending the War on Drugs
– Affordable Housing
– Free Public Education including College
– Clean Energy, Air, Water, Food & Soil
– Human Rights: No Torture, No Genocide
– Equality for Women & People of All Races
– Equality for LGBTQIA+ People in all areas of life and law **********************************************************************************************************

10 Key Values

  • Grassroots Democracy
  • Social Justice & Equal Opportunity
  • Ecological Wisdom
  • Non-Violence
  • Decentralization
  • Community Based Economics & Economic Justice
  • Feminism & Gender Equity
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Personal & Global Responsibility
  • Future Focus & Sustainability



Your Local Candidates

Your Travis County Green Party candidates Travis County has four Green Party candidates who are seeking local offices through this November’s general election. Bringing years of experience in political activism, these candidates are working for better, more democratic representation in local and state government. They seek to advocate for residents of Travis County against the …

Jill Stein in Austin MONDAY!

Jill Stein in Austin MONDAY! Dr. Jill Stein Green party Presidential Candidate will be in Austin for two events on Monday, October 17! See details and RSVP here: www.txgreens.org/atxstein or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1049152878515853/ Disability Issues and Policy Discussion: https://www.facebook.com/events/1142144929213922/

Meetings & Calendar

The Travis County Green Party has several types of meetings per our bylaws:

  • General Meetings are held the third Sunday of each month – this is for new members to get connected with working groups and interact with older members; it is typically a potluck, but do not feel obligated to bring anything.
  • Decision-making meetings are held as needed and Active members are the only ones able to vote. To become an active member see the membership section (5.0) of the bylaws.
  • New member orientation meetings – these meetings are to provide materials needed to become an active member. Many times they are held in conjunction with General meetings.

All meetings and activities sponsored by the party are listed on the google calendar below (note it does not always show on mobile devices but can be found here.

Meetings are held at our space at 1105 E 6th St, 78702 unless otherwise specified on the calendar entry.

Street Parking is Free on Mondays & Sundays all day, and during the day Tu-Sa, you only have to pay to park from 6p-midnight Tu-Sa. Note the lot next door is a pay-to-park lot.



Newsletter Sign up

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Monthly Payment Options

For one time donations you can donate here:

If you prefer, please mail a check made out to “Travis County Green Party” to:

Travis Co Green Party
1712 E Riverside Dr #42
Austin, TX 78741

We also take donations at every meeting and event we host.

Please be sure to write your occupation in the “for” or comment field of your personal check as required by the Texas Ethics Commission, Please note: Only personal donations will be accepted. No corporate, partnership, multi-person trust, or political action committee funds will be accepted.