UT Greens

There are Green Party organizations in Travis County, the state of Texas, the United States nationally, and in many other nations globally.

Why a UT Greens organization on the campus of the University of Texas?

Because the future that’s being crafted by those in power is the future you’re going to be living in! The politicians of today aren’t going to have to live with the consequences of their short-sighted actions, but you are.

The University of Texas in the past had a strong Campus Greens organization, and a new one has just sprung back from beneath the concrete.

You can get involved with them by contacting http://www.txgreens.org/utstudentsforstein or https://www.facebook.com/utstudentsforstein/

This is a tremendous opportunity to educate your school and the local Austin community about the political world all around them – and to inspire them to get involved!

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