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Your Travis County Green Party candidates

Travis County has four Green Party candidates who are seeking local offices through this November’s general election. Bringing years of experience in political activism, these candidates are working for better, more democratic representation in local and state government. They seek to advocate for residents of Travis County against the entrenched and moneyed interests which currently hold inordinate power in our system.

What does the Green Party stand for?

The Green Party seeks to transform American Government at the national, state and local levels. Refusing to accept corporate donations, Green Party candidates are not beholden to the narrow interests of powerful corporate lobbyists. Built on the four pillars of non-violence, ecological wisdom, social justice, and grassroots democracy, our party is committed to building a better future for all people.

Who is running for local office in Travis County as a Green?

Ashely “Flashe” Gordon for Travis County Commissioner Pct. 1

Ashely Gordon is a community activist and organizer who has been involved in Travis County politics on a number of issues. She has worked with the Austin Justice Coalition for police accountability and community engagement. She is a founding member of Black Pflugerville, the Community Engagement Chair for Measure Austin, a member of the Sierra Club and of ATX Environmental Justice. She is also the founder of the Young Urban Art Meisters- a youth visual and performing arts institute. She interprets for the Austin Language Justice Collective, works with labor unions in northern Mexico with Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera, and mentors with Youth Unlimited.

In her words: “Because I am a part of the community and personally have been affected by [the County Commission’s] poor decisions, I can bring a much-needed fresh perspective to local government.”

Debbie Russell for Travis County Sheriff

Debbie Russell is currently a member of the school board for Del Valle ISD. She is a well-known local activist who has a reputation for advocating for underserved communities in an effort to reform institutions so that they better serve otherwise marginalized people. She regularly advocates for police accountability to the community, decoupling ICE from local law enforcement, and reducing police presence in schools.
In her words: “It’s time for Travis County to live up to its progressive claims and to seriously limit the amount of people in jail, especially nonviolent suspects.”

katija gruene for Texas House of Representatives District 51

katija gruene is a veteran Green Party organizer. She has been active on a host of issues including electoral reforms, and social, economic, and environmental justice. As a seasoned electoral activist with a keen understanding of the political process and as Travis County Green Party’s co-chair, she is largely responsible for the continuing presence of the Green Party in Austin and in the state.
In her words: “We need major election reforms in order to break open the system and to enable people to have representation outside the establishment and corporations”

Adam Greeley for Texas House of Representatives District 46

Adam Greeley is a long-time activist and advocate for people with ASD. Being on the autism spectrum himself, he has an intimate perspective on the condition and its effects on families and communities. His concerns for the marginalized in our society have driven him to a life of activism and advocacy.
In his words: “I’m running on behalf of the oppressed people, the people that don’t have a voice, and people with autism.”

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